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Musical & Period Drama

At the beginning of the design process, I researched the clothes of the 1930s in depth. Books, magazines, films, documentaries, old photographs and so on were my key to understanding this period of history. It was only when I was able to identify the year of clothes that I knew it was time to start designing.

It's a lively and humorous musical and most of the actors have to play multiple roles at the same time. So I designed the show with an emphasis on different colours for each character, as well as unique and exaggerated accessories for the characters based on their personalities.
To achieve my desired effect, I made three trips to costume hire companies, browsed the internet for thousands of vintage clothes, altered over twenty outfits and worked with my assistants to create four new costumes during the production.

Book by David Thompson

Music by John Kander

Lyrics by Fred Ebb

Director: Georgie Rankcom

Costume: Yuqi Liu

Set: Phoebe Smith

Lighting: Sophie Moore

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