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Corpse Bride 01
Corpse Bride 02
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drawing 02
Corpse Bride 03
Corpse Bride 04
Corpse Bride 05
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Corpse Bride 07
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Corpse Bride design

Personal Work & Concept Design

Corpse Bride was originally an animated film set in East Europe. In this project, I transformed the story into the Chinese historical context of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, with the characters adjusted to the background accordingly.


Love goes through the whole story, with the four protagonists experiencing six weddings or engagements in total.

Based on each character's background and plot information, I have unearthed some important elements about Peking Opera, Underworld Wedding, Qing Dynasty Princess, Sacrifice, Qing Dynasty officials and other important elements. Ultimately these elements come together to form these designs.

Costume: Yuqi Liu

Makeup: Yuqi Liu

Photographer: Xu Wang

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